Shades of Gray Mixed Solids - Reusable Wipes/Hankies

Shades of Gray Mixed Solids - Reusable Wipes/Hankies

This is a set of single-ply reusable flannel wipes in either a 5 set, 10 set, or 15 set. This set contains a mix of light gray and dark gray wipes. The sets will contain an even distribution of each color, except for odd number purchases (5 sets and 15 sets) where there will be either one more of light gray or dark gray. Each wipe is single ply and serged around the sides to prevent fraying.


Reusable wipes are a great alternative to baby wipes, makeup wipes, and tissues. You can fold them accordian style (overlapping fold) and place in an old wipes container to mimic disposable wipes. If using as reusable wipes, these are a good companion to cloth diapers and overall very handy when handling messy toddlers and dirty faces. You can also use them also as a disposable tissue alternative. Use and rewash. These are made to last you years.


Each flannel hankie is approximately 8" x 8"

  • Care Instructions

    To clean, simply throw in the wash with all your other towels and linens and dry on low heat. For particulary soiled hankies/wipes, wash on hot with a good trusty detergent (I personally prefer Tide Original Powder). 

    Iron as needed.