Paperless Kitchen Towels - Bumblebees

This is a set of 4 reusable Paperless Kitchen Towels. They're made with one layer of cotton flannel and one layer of cotton waffle weave fabric - making them more absorbent. The waffle weave layer on the bottom is ideal for scrubbing down kitchen counters or to simply wipe down spills. Both layers of fabric used have been prewashed to prevent shrinkage and are 100% cotton. A set of four Paperless Kitchen Towels can last you over a week in the kitchen. They are meant to be used and reused over a span of a couple days before being put in the wash.


This set does NOT have snaps. To store, simply roll each one and store in a basket or fold and stack them.


The top flannel layer is of flying bumblebees and the bottom waffle weave fabric is an off-white color. Both layers of fabric have been prewashed to prevent shrinkage and are 100% cotton. However, they may shrink a little bit more after the first few washes and will get more fluffy and absorbent. Each Paperless Kitchen Towel is approximately 12" x 10" - roughly the size of a full sized conventional paper towel. Since these have been hand cut and sewn individually, there may be slight differentiation in each one. 


Paperless Kitchen Towels are great for cutting down on one-time use paper towels and for reducing waste.

  • Care Instructions

    To clean, simply throw in the wash with all your other towels and linens and dry on low heat or air dry. For particulary soiled towels, wash on hot with a good trusty detergent. 


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