Hankie Jar - Blue Jar with Cloud Hankies

Hankie Jar - Blue Jar with Cloud Hankies

Hankie Jar - Includes glass jar, a specially designed cloth lid, and a set of 15 flannel hankies.


The Hankie Jar is a great alternative to single use tissue boxes. Instead of throwing them away, you rewash and reuse! Each Hankie Jar comfortably fits 15 - 20 reusable hankies. This product comes with 15 flannel hankies. You can fit more, but the fuller it is (20+ flannel hankies), the harder it may be to pull hankies out of the jar.


The jar is a vintage blue color. Cloth lid is white linen. It has been specially designed to help contain the flannel hankies while also making it easy to pull a hankie out one at the time. The 15 flannel hankies are watercolor light blue with white clouds.


The glass jar is a 32 oz jar, approximately 6" x 3"

Each flannel hankie is approximately 8" x 8"


  • Care Instructions

    To Fold and Fit:
    Fold the flannel hankies accordian style then slide and push down into jar. Slip one hankie from the end of the pile out through the linen cloth lid. Screw lid over linen to secure closed.

    For Wash:
    To clean, simply throw hankies in the wash with all your other towels and linens and dry on low heat. Iron as needed.
    For glass jar, wipe or wash with soap in the sink when dirty.


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