Facial Rounds, Set of 5 - Bees on Honeycomb

Facial Rounds, Set of 5 - Bees on Honeycomb

This is a set of 5 reusable facial rounds in a bright yellow honeycomb print with bumblebees. Each facial round has two layers of 100% cotton flannel for maximum absorbency. Same print is on both sides.


Facial rounds are a low-waste alternative to single use makeup remover wipes and cotton balls. Simply put your favorite makeup remover cream or liquid on the facial round and use as you would a makeup wipe or cotton round. Sides have been serged to prevent fraying. These have been made and designed to be used over and over again and to last you years.


These fabrics have not been prewashed, but they will get more fluffy and absorbent after a couple uses and washes. 

  • Care Instructions

    To clean, simply throw in the wash with all your other towels and linens and dry on low heat. For particulary soiled hankies/wipes, wash on hot with a good trusty detergent (I personally prefer Tide Original Powder). 

    Iron as needed.


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