• Katrina Henry

Resparked Designs

I've been dipping my toes back into the blogging waters and I'm still not sure if it's too hot or too cold. But man, have I missed it.

I'd say writing was my first love, before sewing, and before owning a small business. I wrote religiously and fervently. I majored in English, got a job in the writing and marketing field. Then after kids, I was able to start my own small business related to another passion I had - sustainability.

And for the past two years, I'd say that Resparked Designs became my primary outlet when I had free time. I loved creating and designing products that helped people wanting a low waste lifestyle. I love connecting with other small local businesses and customers. But now that I'm hitting a wall called "time" and "work life balance" (ha!) I've had to take a step back and figure out how to make this fun for myself again.

While connecting on my social media with customers has been great, I still felt like I couldn't be myself. You see the rosy, business side of sustainability. Which is great for my business Instagram. But the part of me that yearns to connect wanted to share the more gritty and personal side. And again, I've always been a writer first, and I miss it. I'm not even sure if I've been explaining this right so we're just going to jump into the waters and figure it out along the way. We'll thrash and flail the first few moments, gasp for air, but eventually our bodies will adjust to the temperature and we'll start doggy-paddling. Maybe one day we'll even do a perfect breast stroke.

I'm so excited to share this personal side with you. Until next time.

Keeping it personal,



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