• Katrina Henry

Slowing Down

As all the cliched sayings go, it’s going by so fast.

But at the same time, oh so slow. Every minute is a struggle. And I mean, a struggle. I spend each day trying to make it to naptime. Then when they’re sleeping, I sneak peeks into their quiet rooms, wishing they were awake so I could squeeze them tight. I never knew parenthood would be filled with so many paradoxes and extremes. But that’s my life right now in a nutshell. I spend so much time wrangling my toddlers in, soothing the toddler(s) and the baby, grabbing snacks out of my bag, and on and on. I’m always doing something.

But at the end of the day, I love it. Of course. Ari telling me stories that seemingly go on endless loops, Oliver shouting, "Mom! Mom! Watch! Watch!", and Theo lunging for me every time he see sees me. I love these kids so darn much.

Anyways, I can keep talking about my kids. I can also show you a million pictures. But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about how I feel like I’m always doing. And as a mom, as a wife, as a small business owner, I am. It wasn’t until I had a quiet little moment this morning without any kids needing me, until I sat in a big echoing silence, that I realized how happily full my life is. I know it’s only a season and while it’s hard now, I will happily fill my silences with baby laughter and toddler shrieks. But since my life is full of children business right now, it means slowing down in other things.

Which brings me here. Hello. Welcome to my blog/website/business. What even is this? I'm not quite sure yet but I do know this is my happy medium.

I love running a small business. I love talking about sustainability and sharing how my family tries to live low waste with three little ones. I think it's an area of sustainability that's not covered enough - that it's difficult to be completely zero waste when you're raising a family. And I'm here as the imperfect middle, sharing that it's okay to not do it perfectly. But how great is it when we are all able to try, even if just a little bit.

With that said, I've slowed down some aspects of my business while I go and do the momming. One day there will be more childcare and my kids will be older and I can do more and interact more. But for now, you get this blog and an occasional vlog (oh la la) and I get to enjoy writing and connecting. Happy medium.

I hope you join me on this journey and enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy writing them.

Thank you for reading, friends.



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