White Cotton Fabric


Hello there,

I'm Katrina, a wife, and a mother to three little boys. By supporting my shop, you're helping me and my family. Thank you!

It started when my mom-in-law handed me her vintage 50s sewing machine and taught me how to make a pillow case. From there, I became interested in making fun home decor and bags.

And then I became interested in sustainability and zero waste/low waste. Because of that, some of my items are upcycled. A few of my items are made only once. My other items I make with sustainably in mind, meaning I try to make products that can be reused and last a long time. Not to mention, I like making products that also look cute in your home. Let's strive to make a greener, happier planet :)

Thank you for reading, thank you for shopping. Stay inspired, friends.